Nicholas Mukhtar

Healthy Detroit

Nicholas Mukhtar and Healthy Detroit

I’m a Midtown resident working on my Master’s in Public Health and my medical degree. I’ve lived in the city for almost 5 years, and have really become a student of the city–taking that time to explore and learn about the history, people, and culture around me. All of these experiences have helped me find my true passion, which is ultimately helping the city I love become healthier and happier. And so that’s how Healthy Detroit started. We’re a nonprofit corporation and social movement focused on shifting the culture in the city to emphasize preventative health care and wellness. Our programs and strategies were all formed in partnership with the National Prevention Strategy, which was commissioned by President Obama in the Affordable Care Act last year.

Building his Business

Build really helped me take Healthy Detroit to the next level. Delphia (our instructor) created an incredibly collaborative environment that allowed us all to learn so much from one another. I left each class feeling very inspired–not only about my organization, but about Detroit’s amazing entrepreneurial spirit in general. I gained insight into the business world that I would have never otherwise had, and the connections I’ve made will continue to help Healthy Detroit grow for years to come.

Beyond Build

Since graduating from Build, we’ve made some great progress. We’ve finally launched our website, which was a huge project. And we’ve really grown substantially, from new board members to volunteers, because of some great relationships and connections I’ve made through D:hive. We’re currently focused on getting our message out, raising funds through donations and our online store, and applying for foundational and federal grants to begin our programs. We’ve created a great social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter, and think it’s important to reach out to people at the community level to better understand everyone’s needs.

Future Building

The support for Healthy Detroit has been overwhelming, and I think it will continue to grow. In the near future we’ll have a full database of all the restaurants, businesses, and organizations in the city that promote healthy living in some way. We’ve begun selecting abandoned city parks that we want to redevelop into state of the art neighborhood recreation centers. And we’ve also started to form partnerships with many schools in the city that we’ll bring our Healthy Detroit Days to. We want to bring together everyone in the city working towards our common goal of a healthier and happier Detroit. So regardless of what you do, check out our website and find out how you can join the movement!

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