Build Cities PONTIAC

Pontiac Registration

Registration is currently CLOSED.

Summer classes begin in July and registration will open soon.

How Much Does it Cost?

In further effort to provide affordable access to resources entrepreneurs need to Start, Build, and Grow their businesses, Build Institute is excited to introduce Pay What You Can pricing for our courses!

Valued at over $1000, our Build Basics class could easily carry a very hefty price tag. However, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of neighborhood entrepreneurs, we make our programming as accessible as possible. Build Institute is “for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs” and we practice what we preach as we continue to innovate our model. In support of our mission and vision of inclusion and equity, we are evolving our sliding fee schedule to a “Pay What You Can” system with the hope our participants are equally dedicated to equitable entrepreneurship.

So Pay What You Can!

A payment of $200 or more covers the majority of class costs, however feel free to:

Pay a little more and pay it forward – your generosity helps other students to take the class and allows Build to keep its programming affordable.

Can’t pay as much as you’d like to right now? Don’t worry about it. Use what you learn in class to become a supporter to future Build graduates.

Class fee levels are currently set at $200, $300, $400, and $500. Here is how your class the fee is applied and how it supports your fellow and future participants:

$200 includes the cost of the Basics binder and covers class supplies

$300 helps to compensate our facilitator and guest speakers

$400 funds technical assistance and operational support

$500 provides a scholarship for another student to take the class

$1000 helps multiple students pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

There is a donation option on the registration payment check out page if you’d like to give a little more. You can also make a donation at anytime on our website.