Meet our Entrepreneur-in-Residence! Our EIR is here to provide tailored 1:1 personalized assistance and coaching designed to meet the specialized needs of your business.
EIRs are experienced entrepreneurs that have an interest in giving back to Build Institute, the start-up community, and to micro-entrepreneurs. EIRs are recognized for making a significant contribution to their industry or working to drive key industry initiatives forward.



Meet our EIR:

Janae’ is ready to help problem solve, share resources, and discuss specific industry pain points at no charge. Working 1:1 with an experienced entrepreneur allows you to quickly find the answers and support you are looking for.

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Read Janae’s Bio:

Janae’ Griggs is a Business Growth Strategist who helps creatives develop “out of the box”
strategies and solutions to increase their bank accounts and clientele. She has been a serial
entrepreneur for the past 10 years and her work is rooted in helping women of color break
through barriers of systemic inequity. Janae’ earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree double
majoring in Women & Gender Studies, as well as African American Studies in 2012 from Eastern
Michigan University. She used her knowledge and experience to start a 501(c)3 nonprofit mentoring
organization for at-risk young girls, in the Metro Detroit area, called P.I.N.K. Detroit.

As someone always looking for ways to serve and enhance the lives of others, she looks for
opportunities to create social impact, into everything that she does. In 2018, she launched a
business consulting agency to help small business entrepreneurs achieve optimal success, by
providing them with guidance and resources to help grow their businesses. As an avid learner, she
spends her free time taking various courses, attending training workshops, as well as reading books
related to new strategies that business owners could implement in their businesses. And she uses
this knowledge to help educate small business owners on industry leading best practices and
techniques that they could use to improve and scale their respective businesses.