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Are you seeking solutions to small business challenges in the areas of business development, strategy, funding, marketing, social media, event planning, and pop-ups?

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Brand Strategy, Marketing, & Social Media Assistance

Katie has 13 years experience in marketing & communications, and has been an established photographer and video producer for 10 years.  She is a natural networker and connector, and can assist entrepreneurs with branding, strategic planning, social media management, and developing content.

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Business Strategy & Planning

Jacquise has over 15 years of experience serving as a trusted business community advocate and can connect entrepreneurs with federal, state, and local resources. She is a zealous and passionate entrepreneur committed to closing the generational wealth gap for women and business owners of color!


Kiva & Funding Assistance

Evan has three years of experience in issuing and underwriting small business loans. He can connect entrepreneurs and business owners with funding through several channels including Build Institute programming and alternative funding opportunities from other business ecosystem partners. All are passionate about economic analysis and addressing the growing income inequality gap that exists between low to moderate-income communities and communities of color.

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Pop Up & Event Assistance

Jordan has 5 years of event planning experience, and can assist entrepreneurs with event planning, coordination, and logistics. She is passionate about helping people plan seamless events and increase engagement!

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Small Business Development Assistance

Ernestine Lyons has 6 years of experience in Community and Economic Development and can connect entrepreneurs with state and local officials with regard to business opportunities. Ernestine is passionate about incentivizing, growing and, creating small businesses in municipalities seeking to revitalize their communities.

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Non Profit Assistance

Scott Stewart has over 6 years of experience in the nonprofit sector focused on fundraising, marketing, advocacy, and strategic planning. Scott is passionate about ensuring underestimated founders and communities gain access to resources and the growth that they need to thrive. Connect with Scott to discuss fundraising for nonprofits, potential business funding opportunities (i.e. Paycheck Protection Program), marketing/communications needs, working with local elected officials, and strategic planning for your business.

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