Grow Peer Roundtables

Build Institute’s Grow Peer Roundtables are a series of meetings over a 3 month period, for owners of businesses looking to engage with fellow stage two entrepreneurs for meaningful and useful connections and interactions. At each Peer Roundtable, a moderator guides a small group of local small business owner’s from different industries in discussing their experiences and insights in a confidential setting.

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What are Peer Roundtables?

Build’s Grow Peer Roundtables are a select group of owners who work together to help each member of the group overcome business challenges and achieve their goals. Roundtable sessions run several times a year and are offered on a flexible basis including daytime, evening and weekend sessions to accommodate busy schedules. These conversations drive innovation and increase overall business performance.

Having already developed a reputation for assisting start-ups, Build Institute now offers an opportunity for Detroit’s second phase business owners to unite their talents for collective growth. These Roundtables are a venue to broaden your perspective through shared experiences, while building relationships with fellow members. Roundtable members meet to discuss common business issues and improve decision-making.

Why Peer Roundtables?

  • Support – You’ll develop relationships with fellow Detroit second phase entrepreneurs
  • Ideas – Receive critical feedback, new perspectives, and ideas from your peers to innovate your business
  • Resources – With a diverse cohort you’ll now have potential to easily share resources, rolodexes, & new skills
  • Partnerships – It’s not uncommon in Build for entrepreneurs with complementary business ideas to collaborate and succeed together
  • Accountability – Being part of a group will help you stay accountable and inspired

What is commitment?

Consistency and trust are key in the success of each Roundtable. All Grow Peer Roundtable members commit to attending two meetings per month over the course of three months. Each member must attend at least 80% of all scheduled meetings or forfeit their membership and membership fee.

Who can apply?

Any Detroit-area entrepreneur with a business that has demonstrated that it is:

  • a workable business entity, entering second stage;
  • focused on generating enough revenue to break even,
  • and/or generating enough cash flow to stay in business and to finance growth to a size that is sufficiently large, given its industry and market niche.


Did you know…

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were part of a peer group called “The Vagabonds” and had they not been part of a collective of strong figures they may have never reached the level of success they did.

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