Check out what our graduates have to say about us!

“I entered Build on a whim, for a business idea I thought I might pursue, at some point years down the road, maybe. The energy was so encouraging and the practical lay out of the program made it seem so attainable, that I realized I could do it, that I wanted to do it, and I was off and running in my first commercial space only months after my graduation.” – Carole Hoste, Detroit School of Music

“Build was a great with helping us build relationships and connections in the city. They are great place to find the resources you need to advance your business that they helped us tremendously with that.” – Bryant Owens, EverButter, LLC

Build Institute helped me get over the anxiety of starting a business and made me realize that it’s not as impossible as it seems.” – John Coyle, JAM Detroit

Build Institute has helped me refine my business plan and put a strategic plan in place for a launch party/fundraiser in April 2014. This was instrumental in Wheels for Workers being awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Michigan Corps Social Entrepreneur Challenge in June of 2014.” – Greg Szczesny, Wheels For Workers

“Build Institute has helped us further develop our vision and idea. Additionally, Build Institute has been instrumental with our marketing efforts, and assisting us with spreading the word about who we are.” – Tatiana Grant, Flash Delivery