Ber-Henda Williams

The Power of Girlhood



  • Youth Advocate
  • Spanish teacher
  • Femolutionary
  • Public speaker and lover of humanity

Tell us about The Power of Girlhood.

My business is The Power of Girlhood, and my business is girls and developing them into leaders. Leadership doesn’t always mean the head, or control, but it’s your ability to be grounded in your truth, growth and principles, and know that you’re here to receive, but you’re also here to give. I think as girls are paying attention to the world around them and how they fit into it, they can pick how they contribute to the world.


So, what led you to this work?

I was a tenth grade Spanish teacher and thought whether I’m going to teach or I’m going to mentor, and it became very quick to me that I want to mentor. To me teaching is not a you’re-off-the-clock-type of job. You have to go into it knowing that you’re going to be a surrogate parent, a priest, maybe a parole officer, a counselor, a therapist, and everything in between. It’s great to have a love for your subject matter, but you also have to really have a love for children and families, because everything is attached, it’s not compartmentalized. Fifteen years from now [students] are not going to remember how to conjugate a verb – unless they go on and decide to major in a foreign language – or remember algebraic equations. They are going to remember how they felt in your presence. It’s all relationship oriented, and even for adults. There is a human element that is sometimes missing in areas where we’re dealing with humans. Deal with the human and emotional aspects of their well being, and then they can thrive anywhere.

“I’m not alone in this journey…Statistically speaking, minority women are the number one entrepreneurs.”

What is next for The Power of Girlhood?

Next for me is building a stronger online presence because that’s where girls are, so cultivating a strong online community is important. I think this also opens it up to girls beyond the metro area. I believe opening it on an online space allows us to have a bigger reach and impact but as I’m working with women, I also see the need for community. You do need that physical energy of a space or meeting of a common cause and common belief. In the future, I’d love to see Superwomen Anonymous take off, travel for Hello Beautiful tours and show up on college campuses and libraries.


What were your takeaways from BUILD?

I saw that I’m not alone in this journey. Women from all walks of life are coming into [BUILD] and there is a huge sense of urgency for women to create their own. Statistically speaking, minority women are the number one entrepreneurs. In the space that we’re in and the political climate that we’re in, I’m finding that the system is not always celebratory toward the feminine, but I think as we begin to shift the paradigm that’s also helping to support a cultural shift. And the feminine principles that we naturally being multi-taskers, inner wisdom and the triple bottom line aspects I think are innately feminine, so it does help to shift the culture in our corporate spaces, but also the feminine freedom that’s needed in entrepreneurship, because there is a need for women to not only create sustainable business models, but also something that feeds them on a spiritual level.