Christina Lee

Jullierge Services

What is Jullierge Services?

Jullierge Services is a personal concierge service that and we run errands, provide personal assisting, and like to help busy individuals. My business partner and I do things that people can’t get to because of their busy schedules, and frees them to spend times with their families.

What was your experience in the Build class?

Build was awesome! It helped me figure out my marketing plan and helped me organize my thoughts. I had great resources and I still keep in touch with my graduating class. I was nervous at the start because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Like a deer in headlights. Then my instructor, Tifani Sadek, was really great with breaking down the course-load and she gave us great legal advice. Then everything slowing came together and when I graduated, my business plan was put together! I actually still refer to the business plan today, especially the financials. I attended many workshop and a few happy hours, and the Open Cities.


Picture provided by Christina Lee



“During the Build class, everything slowly came together and when I graduated, my business plan was put together!”




What are your recent developments?

After a long year, we launched our website this week! We have worked with a few businesses in the city and are currently working on our holiday campaign, and will be gift-wrapping at Noel Night next month. We are working very closely with our current clients and looking for new clients as well.

What is your long-term vision?

I want to expand and begin hiring people from around the city by spring of 2016. I would like to franchise my business and get into the philanthropic side of business. I want to eventually do things that are more “socially based.” I want to be known as the premier concierge service in Detroit.