Danell Wilkerson

Modern Health Fitness

Danell Wilkerson and Modern Health Fitness

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Growing up I was involved in sports so naturally when it came time to choose a career, I wanted to pursue something related to physical activity. I have always been pretty health conscious so learning more about the growing rate of preventable chronic disease, not just in Detroit but everywhere in the USA, really motivated me to acquire more knowledge on how to prevent them.

I am very blessed to have this calling on my life that allows me to impact lives of people who need my help. Modern Health Fitness started as a thought in April 2011; I started full-time work for it in October 2011. I plan to find a home for MHF in Detroit. MHF will offer personal training, sports performance training, boot camps, nutrition counseling and fitness wellness seminars/ workshops.

Building his Business

Participating in the Build class was a great experience for me. It really helped to refine my business plan and helped me view my business from the prospective of current and potential clients, in addition to my own. I now feel that I have found a way to make MHF the ‘Healthy Lifestyle Revolution’ I envisioned, while still keeping a sound business structure that will promote growth.

Beyond Build

MHF is currently located in Livonia, MI; however, we are hoping to move to Detroit in the near future. We have been busy doing seminars at the Detroit Whole Foods Community Office and speaking to support groups around Metro Detroit for The Lupus Alliance for Michigan. We have also recently run a living social deal for our boot camp classes which has been very successful. Building relationships with other health-focused businesses as well as our growing number of success stories has provided opportunity and growth for MHF.  We look forward to the next big step which is moving to Detroit, see you April 2013!

Future Building

I see MHF becoming a household name in Southeastern Michigan.  While we hope to maintain our primary state of the art fitness facility in Detroit, MHF will continue to branch out into multiple locations in the Metro Detroit area. In the near future, MHF will remain on the front lines of the fight against chronic disease and grow to be the number one Fitness and Wellness Company in Detroit. MHF will continue to push the healthy revolution that Detroiters need and deserve.