DiAna Crawford

Buttons and Change


Tell us about Buttons and Change. 

DiAna Crawford: Buttons and Change creates high quality, hand pressed pins at great prices. We are for fun, flair and to help other businesses with custom marketing and promotional items. For the name, “and Change” is kind of like the “and more”. The same way change from a dollar can consists of dimes, nickles, quarters, pennies, even half dollars. Buttons and Change will consist of many things. In the future we look to add other promotional (mainly non-traditional) items.

How did you become an entrepreneur? 

DC: I started my business in August 2015. Before starting Buttons and Change I was volunteering my ass off. I took control over my life because of my friend who called me out. She said that if I spent half the time I do volunteering, I could really do some things. My friend told me, “I wish I could take the talent that you have and give it to someone who would use it.” and suggested I take a BUILD course. I’m into arts and crafts – making jewelry, up-cycling and painting. Now, buttons are the priority where I can still infuse other crafts.

What was your experience with BUILD?

DC:  In the class, there are people that have less experience and those with more. Being in that group setting allowed me to hear answers to questions that I didn’t expect to ask. There is so much at your disposal – resources, a large network of people to learn from, and real world advice. Your learning doesn’t have to stop after completing the class. The curriculum is laid out for you and it gives you the steps to understand the stuff on your own. BUILD is worth any money you spend. Its like a fraternity or sorority; its a different connection with people.


“BUILD is worth any money you spend. Its like a fraternity or sorority; its a different connection with people. “

Any challenges to running your business?

DC: Starting my business was the biggest challenge. The planning and doing everything myself has been hard and I know that business owners can fail when they take on too much. The financial and accounting part of it has been the most difficult aspect of running my business. I’m currently working on projections and numbers to see how I can quit my day job and start hiring a team.


What’s next for your business?

DC:  I’m getting stronger in the areas of my business including finances, which will allow me to employ people as soon as possible. Within the next year I’ll be building my team because I don’t want to burnout. My goal is to eventually open a storefront. I would like to have more Detroit themed buttons with pictures or artwork. I recently connected with a business in Chicago and can now accept larger sizes and runs that I cannot typically do.

Mike Pfeiffer

image by Mike Pfeiffer