Ericka & Tatiana

Flash Delivery

What is Flash Delivery?

Flash Delivery is a restaurant and grocery delivery service catered towards the working individual. We partner with a variety of local restaurants and grocery stores to deliver anything you want in the Greater Downtown area. Today’s age is all about convenience and our mission is to help bring a wide range of food options to your front door. We operate Mon- Sat from 10am-6pm.

What was your experience in Build Institute?

We both went through Build separately with the same business idea. We were supposed to be competitors! After we graduated we met through a friend and realized our business idea would be stronger if we joined forces.

Ericka: I started with an idea and Build gave me the structure to execute it. It helped me be more organized, especially with my time management.

Tatiana: I came into Build with a business plan already in hand. I went through the class refining and honing my plan, but the best part was bonding with my classmates and having the overall support of the Build community behind me.

What are your most recent developments after Build?

We just launched our website: and did a major marketing revamp. We recently finalized partnerships with Urban Bean Co. for breakfast delivery, Food Junky in the M@dison Building, and DMC’s employee services group. We’re really focusing on our partnerships and collaborating with local restaurants, high-rise apartments, and hotels in the downtown area.

What’s in the future for Flash Delivery?

We want to be known everywhere in downtown Detroit. In the long term we are thinking of expanding into suburban areas and franchising throughout Michigan – the sky’s the limit! We’ve received a lot of non-food delivery requests so we’ve entertained the thought of a concierge service sister company.

We’re also looking for more partners – any restaurants, residences, or hotels – contact us at