Imani Henderson

iSocial PR


Tell us about iSocial PR. 

Imani Henderson: iSocial PR is a social media marketing agency that helps small businesses build their online presence through social media. We offer paid social advertisements, training and consulting, and blog writing. We cater to event planning companies because of my event planning background. We have increased engagement of companies by over 100%. I got the business idea from seeing the disconnect between older people and technology. They weren’t able to facilitate intelligent conversations via internet or social media.

 How did you become an entrepreneur? 

IH: I’ve been an entrepreneur since a teenager; it has always been fun for me. As a teenager, I started a small group to supply models to fashion shows and events. While at U of M [University of Michigan] I threw parties and created an online clothing store. After graduating, I’ve done weddings as an event planner. I’m not groomed to be in an organization. I have a unique experience because my development was shaped by me. I sharpen all my own skills.


“I have recommended BUILD to many people… for the network and accountability.”


What was your experience with BUILD?

IH: I have recommended BUILD to many people that don’t have a good understanding of business. Even if they do have a business I still tell them, just for the network and accountability. I like working with my clients from BUILD because they already have a good understanding of business and are familiar with marketing.

 What’s next for your business?

IH: Scaling up. So far, my business has survived from referrals. I am creating an outbound sales strategy to attract new business and to have more control over income. I am developing a process that can be replicated. Building out each part of my business so that I can hire employees and they can take those parts.