Kiki Louya

The Farmer's Hand

What is The Farmer’s Hand?

The Farmer’s Hand is an artisanal grocery store. The goal is to source my products within 100 miles of the store and work directly with farmers and local food entrepreneurs to provide a retail platform. Because we are in Corktown, we are in the middle of a neighborhood. It makes the process less intimidating and more accessible. We are right across from St. CeCe’s, which was previously a market, so people are already anticipating our grand opening soon!

What was your experience in the Build class?

I had a great experience! I started with Delphia and because of my schedule then switched to Amanda’s class, who’s the owner of Always Brewing Detroit. I feel I had the best of both worlds! I think the program was so beneficial to me because I was able to transform the idea from my head and put it on paper. Build helped me create the building blocks that are helping me grow my business! It served as a launch pad, which I continue to build on.

Picture provided by Kiki Louya

Picture provided by Kiki Louya



“Build helped me create the building blocks that are aiding me grow my business!”



What are your recent developments?

I am a Motor City Match awardee! My market will be located at the corner of Trumbull and Bagley. My website is live at I am planning to be in my new space next month and I am very excited about this!   I am on Facebook and Twitter, I have my own newsletter, and I am meeting with farmers, other Build grads, and people who want their products to be available to all Detroit residents.

What is your long-term vision?

To be able to help other neighborhoods in city within 5, 10, 15 , 20 years where local items can be bought, encourage reinvestment in communities, and establish connections with neighbors. I want Detroiters to be proud of our city!