Monther Jaber

Yahoo Lazeez


About: Yahoo Lazeez. A family owned business with over 20 years of experience. They buy their ingredients local and fresh, daily!

Tell us about Yahoo Lazeez

Monther: We have twenty years of experience with the ingredients. We use the best fine spices and the best fine ingredients at a reasonable price.We know what the spice does for the body as far as health. You can get food starting from 1 to 2 dollars. Whatever you want to eat. It’s there, you make the choice! We make it easy access to the public, it’s where people can eat healthy food.

“We use the best, fine spices and ingredients and our food is a reasonable price.”

What’s your vision for Lazeez?

Monther: I want to see Lazeez Café, like McDonalds, everywhere. That’s my vision. I’m going to start off with this one place, but I would like to train Detroiters and developed more locations throughout Detroit and Wayne County. I want to be a part of the growth going on in Detroit. I also have an idea for a television show where we would show the audience how to cook some of the food.

“I want to be really supportive of BUILD Institute. This is part of my mission of my business—to support other businesses.”

Any last words?

Monther: I want to be really supportive of BUILDd Institute in the future. This is part of my mission of my business—to support other businesses. This is how you become successful. You have to work really hard in this community to be known. We can build our entities from being supportive of one another.