Nicole LeBoeuf



Tell us about Ennelle!

Nicole LeBoeuf: I have a great appreciation for original style and a love of fashion. I use only genuine leather. I cut from hides. I don’t use plastic chains. All my beads are turquoise or wood or natural stone. Ennelle has everything from leather jewelry to beaded jewelry to handbags. Ennelle’s jewelry and products are handmade! Nicole makes products that are creative and original, you won’t find these pieces anywhere else. Ennelle also has a line of tees and hoodies with their logo. 

How did you become an entrepreneur? 

Nicole: Word of mouth! I have been bartending for years and while bartending one night a girl kept asking me for my bracelet. She wanted to buy my bracelet for $300 and I told her if she remembers, come back in the morning and I will make her one. She did, and people started asking me if I could make them one. Honestly, that’s how it started.



“I’d rather do this than work at bars for the rest of my life. Now I’m down to three days a week. “

What was your experience with BUILD?

Nicole: You get a decent amount of information out of it!

What’s next for Ennelle?

Nicole: Right now, we have two huge rooms in my basement that are completely dedicate to leather and sewing. It’s crowded. Eventually I want to get into a workspace/store, so we can work out of there every day and then if people want to come and buy stuff they can see how it’s made. My cousin now is semi-retired so I’m teaching her how to cut leather. It’s not easy. One you mess up on leather, you can’t resew it. I am very hands on. I like people to see from start to finish.