It’s a New Decade-
Time to Take Your Company to the Next Level!

Designed for entrepreneurs who seek understanding around what types of investment and financing is available; how each type of funding works; what types of funders are a good match for their business, and cultivate the confidence and credibility needed to pursue outside investment.

Cashflow Master Class is a 4-week course that provides a foundational understanding of cash flow forecasting together with the tools needed to position your company for growth and scale.

This course is brought to you in partnership with Gingras Global and the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation.

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Class is instructed by the experts at Gingras Global.

What to expect during the course:

  • How to talk to banking professionals and prospective investors about your customers and cash flow
  • Entrepreneurs will have access to Liveplan for two months with the ability to extend subscription at a discounted rate
  • Founders may be eligible for a minimum $5,000 loan from Build Institute
  • Participants who complete the course will have 1 hour individual financial consulting with Gingras Global
  • Experts provide 1:1 coaching to ensure you have a roadmap for additional funding

What are the prerequisites?

  • Possess a business plan, or very familiar with one.
  • At least six months of revenue
  • Understanding of target customer/client; knowledge of how to access, buying habits, and benefits to customer/client
  • Understanding of product/service pricing (units and profit margins)
  • Understanding of budget needed for operating expenses
  • Understanding of budget needed for personnel
  • Understanding of equipment needed and other asset purchases required to build said enterprise

Gingras Global is dedicated to strengthening Impact Investing and Social Enterprise in communities through back-office reporting and development.  Our enterprises and investors are focused on the same goals. Changing the world doesn’t mean giving up returns or enterprise financial stability. We will guide you with proven plans and roadmaps that deliver measurable outcomes.