Alison Emerick

Ease Living

What is Ease Living?

Ease Living is an e-commerce website that helps you rethink aging by providing products that increase safety and independence in the home. I’ve been an occupational therapist for over 20 years, helping people maintain their independence and dignity as they age. Once my grandmother fell ill with dementia, I found myself wishing there was a resource for higher quality, more curated selection of products, and that’s how Ease Living was born. Ensuring the dignity of aging individuals is one of my main drivers. Safety equipment is available everywhere but it makes one’s house feel like an institution. I try to help individuals maintain their dignity with the quality of the products and the independence they provide.

What was your experience in Build Institute?

Build was helpful because I honestly didn’t have any idea where to begin from a business standpoint. It helped me narrow down the steps and made it a little less daunting. I also developed meaningful relationships with my peers, and we continue to support each other. It was nice to know someone else was going through the same thing as you. I love being a part of the alumni network and attending Build Institute events.

What are your most recent developments after the class?

I launched my website in January and am starting to grow my team and implement a marketing strategy. I’ve also been working on developing my inventory and attending trade shows to find the best products. For years I’ve been searching online and becoming familiar with what’s out there, so I’m much more aware of what I know will work.

What’s in the future for Ease Living?

I hope to curate more products and grow the website. Eventually I’d like to design my own products and launch a catalog. A lot of health-related websites tend to throw things out there and see what sticks, but the products don’t have integrity to them. That’s really my main focus – the quality of the product and helping to preserve the dignity of the individual.