Angelique Robinson

Treats by Angelique

Angelique + Her Treats

“I have been baking for over 20 years and never intended on selling my sugar creations, let alone becoming a business owner. As a busy single mother for the past 20 years, I was more focused on completing my education while raising my son Jordan. But two years ago, after receiving rave reviews for my chocolate chip cookies (now the Midtown Chocolate Chipper), I decided to turn my passion for baking into a business and Treats by Angelique, a Sweet Shoppe was born.”

Building Her Business

Build Institute came along when the sun and moon were perfectly aligned (kidding, almost). The time was right; it fit my schedule and my budget. I tried doing a business plan two years ago, but I was not ready. This time I was ready, and the energy and support from the Build staff propelled me on the perfect wave, which has not slowed down. Having a group of my peers helped my through the loneliness often experienced by entrepreneurs (at least this one). The ideas that floated around the table every Tuesday and the pats on the back gave me the motivation necessary to work harder. I couldn’t let my Build cohort down or myself by not seeing TbA through.”

Beyond Build

“Build has given me a foundation of support that expands beyond the business plan. Entering the Hatch Detroit contest is a huge accomplishment I may not have undertaken had I not had Jeff Aronoff to coach me through in the beginning. I have received more word of mouth orders through meeting people at the D:hive launch party and my network of potential customers and business contacts has expanded beyond what I could have accomplished alone, this quickly.”

Future Building

“Treats by Angelique will be bigger than I ever could have imagined. From not knowing exactly what kind of establishment we are, to being able to call TbA a “Sweet Shoppe,” I am confident that we will be the go-to place for fun, flavorful, from-scratch desserts in the Metro Detroit area. People will include TbA on their list of places to visit in Detroit and regulars will appreciate having a place to get their sugar fix. From expanding into the wholesale market, growing our catering and eventually offering an expanded menu, TbA will soon be an established hot spot, sweet spot in Detroit!”