Che’Keita Jones

Kicks 4 Kids Foundation

What is Kicks 4 Kids Foundation?

Kicks 4 Kids is a non-profit and our goal is to get adequate footwear for children and boost kids’ confidence at the same time.

In 2011, I was a teacher in Pontiac and I noticed the students in my class were wearing worn down shoes. So I decided to get them some shoes. I hosted a fundraiser event where people purchased tickets and could donate cash, gently worn, or newly purchased sneakers. The event was a huge success and I raised enough money to buy each sixth grader a new pair of shoes, which I handpicked to match the kids’ personalities.

I target needy kids that are middle school age because that’s the age when kids really start learning that what it means to “not have” and it’s a key time to boost their confidence. I know all the sneaker heads and the kids really love my sneakers. We get dope shoes.

Image from Che’Keita Jones


“Build Social helped me think about making Kicks 4 Kids self-sustainable and not reliable on outside sources of income.”



What was your experience in the Build class?

Build social really opened my mind to think in different ways about my business and helped me understand how to access some money. Build Social helped me think about making Kicks 4 Kids self-sustainable and not reliable on outside sources of income. So that’s my new focus as I try to create wealth for Kicks 4 Kids. Build has also really helped me get connected to people. I’ve been working with a managing partner from a consulting firm that came to speak to our class about finance. She’s now helping me with the budget and how to measure our impact.

What are your recent developments?

This year K4K is doubling our sponsorships: We’re sponsoring 200 students in the spring and another 200 for back to school in the fall. We purchase name brand sneakers. The average cost per sneaker is about $50, which means K4K needs to raise at least $20,000 for sneakers alone.

K4K is also getting things ready for big companies to be able to contribute. Nike Outlet at Great Lakes Crossing currently donates returns and displays to Kicks 4 Kids Foundation and we’d like to establish similar relationships with other stores.

 What is your long-term vision?

I would like to be a national organization that gives shoes to kids around the country all year around. I would like for Kids 4 Kids Foundation to be the brand you think about when donating shoes to youth. In the near future, we would like to partner with local celebrities and Detroit sports teams to push the Kicks 4 Kids Foundation brand.


The Oakland Press: Nonprofit, shoe shop donate sneakers to Pontiac teen after armed robbery