Danielle Smith

Detroit Maid

What is Detroit Maid?

Detroit Maid is a residential and commercial cleaning service. We want to make life easier for people and free them to do the things that are really important. We offer basic cleaning, vacancy cleaning, green cleaning and deep cleaning. Before I started Detroit Maid I had a hard time finding cleaners based in the city. I realized many people want access to services like this and the entrepreneurial bug hit me. My background is in PR and consulting, but this is really my niche and I actually love to clean! 

What was your experience in Build Institute?

Build really helped me build my confidence. It was amazing to sit in a class with peers who have big and audacious goals and bounce ideas off of each other. It made me feel like I could actually do this. Everyone was really open and they eliminated any self-consciousness or doubt I had. The access to resources was also really great – everything from marketing to legal advice.

What are your recent developments?

I was selected as the winner of the hello:Detroit ‘flash agency’ competition launched by D:hive and the Adcraft Club of Detroit. It helped boost everything about my company – they totally revamped by brand including the logo, color scheme, and marketing strategy. I was the first participant in the program and I still use everything they created for me a year ago. Right now I have six employees but the business is growing fast and I’m looking to hire and expand within the next six months.

What’s in the future for Detroit Maid?

Detroit Maid products are definitely on the horizon. Everyday I see the benefits of green cleaning products and I want to highlight the notion that we can still be environmentally friendly and clean just as effectively as if we were to use bleach.