Darryl Davis

SideBar Black Art Theatre of Detroit

Darryl Davis and SideBar Black Art Theatre of Detroit

I am an actor, director, playwright, and theater educator. SideBar Black Art Theatre of Detroit has three prongs or legs that form the basis for its mission: community, culture and entertainment. What I want to achieve out of SideBar is for people to experience a performance and for it to cause discussion about the subject matter that resonates out like ripples throughout the community. I would like to address a number of social issues, embrace different cultures and unify Detroit by breaking down the walls created by some to compartmentalize the city and weaken us as a community. The name SideBar came from a friend – when an idea would pop into her head she would say ‘Side Bar’ before starting a new conversation. My hope is for SideBar to spur new conversations in the community.”

Building his business

“I was initially very daunted by starting a theater company from scratch. I originally thought about forming a repertory style theater, but after Build I realized it would be very difficult to finance a full-fledged repertory with full-time staff and actors. The Build class helped me to see other ways to reach my goals, and how to start smaller. It made it possible for me to understand and see how doable it is in a different way, it took that sense of fear and trepidation regarding finances away, and taught me how to break it down into smaller compartments that are more edible.”

Beyond Build

“I am still working on completing the financial aspects of the business plan. I’ve made the change to an ensemble from my original plan to create a repertory. I’m presenting two pop-up performances at Bottom Line Coffeehouse. I plan to file for 501c3 status by next Spring, and I have set a goal to have a company name registered with the city
and state.”

Future Building

“I will hopefully be doing some full-fledged productions, if not possibly establishing a full season by next fall. My ultimate goal is to run a theater company that provides a place for trained theater artists to develop their skills and resumes and using the artistry that’s created from an incubator type environment to then positively impact the broader community by helping to unite different ethnic groups and neighborhoods.”