Meg Navoy

A Wool Story

What is A Wool Story?
A Wool Story is a slow fashion zero waste knitwear label based in Detroit, MI. Everything is made by hand using yarn from sweaters that have been unraveled and re-knit into hats, mittens, and scarves. Sustainability is taken into consideration in every step along the way, from domestically sourced organic cotton sew in labels, to the hand stamped recycled kraft paper hang tags.

What was your experience in your Build class?
The Build Basics class really helped me develop my business. I was able to meet and bounce ideas off others in similar positions as myself in starting a business. Working alone in a new city can be very isolating, and Build has been such a supportive community. There’s a real feeling of genuine desire to help each other out from both the students and instructors. I also learned more about how to address the tax and budgeting side of my business. It’s one thing to read about what to do in a book or in a tutorial online, but learning about taxes and finance in person really helped the concepts to click for me.

“Working alone in a new city can be very isolating, and Build has been such a supportive community!”Meg Navoy

What are your recent developments?
A Wool Story was recently featured on FOX 2 Detroit and on the DDEAF Magazine website – which was very exciting! My goals for this year is to grow my wholesale business and to start selling a line of recycled yarn.

What is your long-term vision?
I would love to hire one or two knitters to help me with production. I would also love to get a knitting machine and develop a line of sweaters. I’m excited for the future and where this sustainable fashion journey will take me!