Mytecia Myles

MyT Lifestyle

Tell us about MyT Lifestyle!

Mytecia Myles: MyT Lifestyle is a beauty, natural health, and wellness brand. The business is based on the first three letters of my name, M-Y-T. I have worked as esthetician in the Detroit area. When I started, the owners told me that “Clients won’t remember your name, think of a shorter name.”  The brand is meant to reawaken who they are and look at all aspects of themselves. MyYi Ultra Green Drink is the product that I created through my research of natural health and wellness. The tea tastes delicious and is flavorful. MyTi Ultra Green Drink is a ready made energy drink with a green tea base that’s low glycemic, no-GMO, gluten-free to revitalize, regenerate, and replenish cells in the blood. I was dealing with a variety of disorders and learned that I needed a blood transfusion. The doctors were giving me medicines that weren’t working; the tea came about from that frustration. It’s an alternative to conventional medicine.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

MM: I’ve always worked with people on their outer beauty and being successful. At my job, I offered shots of MyTi Ultra Green and they loved it. I didn’t have the business knowledge at the time but I was able to get it into the Cadillac building and City Wings in the New Center area. I want to build a legacy and be positive role model for my daughters; the tea is an avenue. I would like to manufacture the tea in a way that respects the ingredients and the people. I don’t like having to be enslaved by a job.

“It was empowering because you’re sitting with your peers. They are people who are also starting their businesses, it was a mastermind group.”

What was your experience in the Build class?

MM: It was empowering because you’re sitting with your peers. You hear where people are, listening, and gaining information. They are people who are also starting their businesses, it was a mastermind group. I brag about the program all the time, when people tell me about their passion I tell them to look up Build Institute and place yourself in that setting.