Ojas Akolkar


What is TribalFare?

TribalFare specializes in sourcing one of a kind handcrafted artisan made products from all across India. I travel once a year to India and I have relationships with artisans, co-ops, and NGOs. My base region is Mumbai, where my family is, then I source from other parts of the country. It gives me personal satisfaction bringing the products here to the United States and sharing a part of my culture.  I am blending the East and the West.

What was your experience in the Build class?

I believe continuing education is a must and we had a plethora of resources. Everyone in the class was so positive and I liked learning about the other businesses my classmates had. I liked that that my facilitator was so knowledgeable and Build is available even after class is over.  Taking the Build class held me accountable and helped me commit to being a full time entrepreneur.

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“Taking the Build class held me accountable and helped me commit to being a full time entrepreneur.”



What are your recent developments?

Since I graduated from Build, I was accepted to Retail Bootcamp in TechTown, I applied to Motor City Match, I am participating in Road to Readiness program and TechTown. I have a blog and I am building up my social media. I plan to make another trip to India soon and I’m excited about going to another part of the country to tap into other treasures.

What is your long-term vision?

I plan to have a brick and mortar in Detroit and if you were to enter, you will feel transported to a marketplace in India that will peak all of the senses. I want it to be a cultural experience. I actually want to educate my customers about the products because each one comes with a story. Very personalized and affordable.