Randal Jacobs

Savvy Gents

What is Savvy Gents?

Savvy Gents is a hybrid of dandyism and street-wear clothier in Eastern Market. We offer everything from hoodies to bowties and a host of reconstructed vintage pieces. We carry a lot of cosmetics for men too: facial scrubs, washes, wooden toothbrushes, and socks — you got to have socks. Every outfit begins with socks. We carry a lot of designers and most of our products are made in Detroit. Our products are for that man that wants to take care of himself.

What was your experience in Build?

Savvy Gents 2

Photo by Savvy Gents

What I really took away from the class was a sense of connectivity. I still talk to people from my class to this day. Someone in class was consulting the Charles H. Wright museum and we bonded over our shared client. I’m still connected with Roslyn Karamoko, too, from Détroit is the New Black. I consulted her on several pieces in her store including merchandising and layout. Build to me really represents that cooperation and connectivity among small businesses in Detroit.


“Build to me really represents that cooperation and connectivity among small businesses in Detroit.”

What are your recent developments?

Our entire décor is new. It’s all about the triple black for spring. Most people wear three blacks at a time. When we opened before we were very colorful and fun. Now it’s very stark, clean, basic. I’m creating a playground, a story, an atmosphere. We are going to start hosting small dinners in our store for men as well as a Friday night Savvy Sounds music series. That’s our “Spring Attack.”

What is your long-term vision?

I’d like to expand the Savvy brand into exporting merchandise. We started doing our own t-shirts and I do my own reconstructed pieces. I’d also like to hopefully break a few walls and open up a Savvy Cuts: a whole lifestyle barber and nail salon for men. I want to create a space where men can feel pampered, chill and cool all at the same time.