Sally Moore

Polished Nail Bar

What is polished Nail Bar?

Sally Moore: Polished Nail Bar (PNB) is a clean, comfortable, oasis of calm. We are a quality salon for nail care and your well-being and relaxation. PNB will provide a service for longstanding mature adults in Detroit, providing luxury and comfort close to where Detroiters reside. Currently, there are no similar businesses in Detroit like mine. I will offer designer and african american owned nail polishes that typically aren’t offered in nail salons.

What was your experience in the Build class?

SM: The Build class gave me great tools and made me accountable every week. Otherwise, I would still be tossing the idea through my brain. We got each other out of that class, the commitment and push I got from Build Basics was invaluable. None of this would have happened, but for Build Basics. My Delta [Sigma Theta] class was different than others because it was a unique setting. We had a mostly mature setting with no one under 30. It made for a community that bonded well. For my Hatch competition video, I used the service of fellow Build alumni, Anthony Pete Simmons of JW Productions.


“None of this would have happened, but for Build Basics.”

What are your recent developments?

SM: Market research and a brick-and-mortar location are priorities. I have applied to [multiple business competitions] and awaiting their response. When people learn that I am opening PNB, the first thing they do is look at my hands. I always keep my nails done now. It has given me an additional reason to conduct market research. Now that I have a solid business plan, the talent acquisition is going to be the greatest challenge.

What is your long-term vision?

SM: This is my retirement plan, for the next 5 years, Sally gets nothing. The business is a wealth builder, not a money maker. It is a good neighborhood business that serves customers nearby. The altruistic element of PNB is offering an apprenticeship model at $16/hr pay while they earn their technicians license. I would like to have 3 nail salons near downtown, University district, and the New Center generating over $2 million.