Terri Lee

I See You Awards

Tell us about your business and next steps!

Terri Lee: I See You Awards! recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of low-budget independent filmmakers. I am a film critic and independent film maker and I know first-hand that making a film is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of work, money and support. The goal is for respected members of independent film community and new film makers choosing to stay in Michigan to make their films. We are planning the I See You blue carpet awards program for August 2017. My next steps include securing sponsors for awards and planning filmmaker workshops. Workshops will discuss topics such as casting, gear, and networking for specific challenges of filmmakers.

“Entrepreneurship chose me!”

iseeyouawardsWhat was your experience with Build?

TL: Prior to taking Build Basics I worked with a SCORE mentor and I was already on my way to completing my business plan. I took my class at the Delta Sigma Theta headquarters on West 7 Mile. I picked the location because it was close to my home. The Delta’s were very accommodating and friendly and the chapter president sent my information out to add additional support for I See You. I developed a strong rapport with classmates having gathered after the class to continue supporting each others growth. Marketing and financial planning were two chapters that helped me the most. I was able to develop good profit and loss statements. When experts reviewed my financial statements, they complemented my plan because it was developed well. This was one of the reasons I didn’t complete business plan before. I also have been better at goal setting and execution.

Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

TL: Entrepreneurship chose me! My dad was also an entrepreneur. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak with side businesses for multiple streams of income. For 12 years, I owned PR Media Services, a warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment company, with KMART and Federal Mogul as two major clients.