Category: Build Grad Story

A Spirit of Detroit: Build grad reflects and thanks those that have helped

Build grad David Silver of Detroit Horse Power reflects on his entrepreneurial journey starting his social enterprise and thanks those that have helped him along the way.

Woodbridge Bikes and Coffee: The story of partnership through Build

For some, Build becomes the place where they found exactly what they needed to launch their idea – a business partner. This is the story of Jonathon Colo and Benjamin Kehoe who applied for the same Build Basics class in Spring 2015 with similar business concepts, but no knowledge of one another. Now they have partnered and launched Woodbridge Bikes & Coffee​.

Kiva Zip’s Impact: Three borrowers share their experience, growth, and success

Kiva Zip, a 0% interest, crowdfunded micro-loan program, has been in Detroit for 3 years and has had tremendous positive impact on small business owners. Here are the stories of 3 Builders that used the Kiva Zip micro-loan platform and how it has impacted their business.

Lapel Bar: From running a family business to opening my own

Build grad Pharoah Kirk speaks of growing up in an entrepreneurial household with parents who owned dry cleaners for over 30 years., and how he formed his own business outside of taking over the family business.

It Takes a Village: A case study of collaborative entrepreneurship in Detroit

A case study of collaborative entrepreneurship in Detroit by looking at the path of Sister Pie.

Build Institute Welcomes New Alumni Coordinator

Build Institute is proud to welcome Build Social grad Nikki Pardo as alumni coordinator.

Three helpful tools for getting your business to the next level

Build grad gives entrepreneurs three helpful tools for getting their business to the next level.

Etsy in Detroit using 3 #hashtags

The journey of an Etsy user, Build Grad, teacher, and mompreneur who learns something new every day while helping others achieve their goals.

Left-Handed Brand: From New York to Detroit and growing

Build grad Left-Handed brand moved from New York to Detroit to grow their up-cycled fashion business.