In Crain’s Detroit Business: For Capital, Think Beyond Traditional

By April Boyle // March 3, 2019

“To the Editor:

We were very excited to read “Capital for minority, women entrepreneurs increases but still a struggle to access” and to read the Eckblad Group’s Capital Access report that sparked the story. This is such important work and we are glad for the new learnings and attention on supporting small businesses in Detroit.

There are countless benefits to the region when entrepreneurs of color, immigrants and women are able to access capital and support — the more thoughtful action we take here, the better. They should have the chance to partner with mentors and coaches, navigate — and trust — lending systems not originally built for them, and submit applications to non-biased lenders. Emerging entrepreneurs must learn the “what” and the “how” of all possible streams of funding, and have easy access to comprehensive information about best-fit funding options. We also agree that more collaboration within the ecosystem will benefit all.”